About Us

The business is incorporated in the state of Alabama and is owned by William T.(Bill) O’Meara. Four full time employees are responsible for the propagation, planting, growing, harvesting, and shipping. The company is active in state, regional, and national associations. Advertising is via mailings, magazines, trade shows, and association newsletters.

The Nursery is located in zone 7a(0-10F.). The soil ph is 5.5-6.5 and is loamy clay in texture. Approximately 85% of the starter plants are propagated from nursery stock in 1 gal containers. These starter plants are then transplanted to the field in July-August. Fertilizing is twice per year and prunning follows each flush of growth. Plants are drip irrigated by 2 wells producting 150 gals per minute.

Plants are harvested by hand or by Caretree spades ranging from 18″ to 30″. Machine dug plants are wrapped in treated burlap,placed in a wire basket, hog ringed, and tied with straping. Ball weight varies from 50 lbs to 650 lbs.

Plants can be picked up at the nursery or shipped by 5th wheel(80-110 plants) or semi-tractor trailor(150-175 plants). Shipping costs average 10-15% of the wholesale value of the shipped order.

The Boshancee Nursery is active member of the following professional associations:
1. Alabama Nurseryman’s Association
2. Southern Nurseryman’s Association
3. American Nursery and Landscape Association
4. Middle Tennessee Nurseryman’s Association
5. Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association
6. American Boxwood Association
7. American Holly Association